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Hi all,

Im having some trouble with the Windows Profiles which has to be written to the samba share. When logging in with a Windows account the map test.user.V2 is created om the samba share, but when logging off the Windows machine, the test.user.V2 dir stays empty.

It is possible to create a file in the test.user.V2 directory with the windows user from the windos machine. So it seems like all the users can create files on the share, but machines can't.

If any info is needed, tell me

Please help :)




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But this may be of some help? If you keep in mind that v13.0 TurnKey Linux is Debian Wheezy under the hood (with Samba3 installed). Google will hopefully help you out...

Sorry I can't give you any more than that. I hope it's enough...

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