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Recently had the need to restore a backup to a new cloud server.

The backed up server had a 40 Gb EBS disk.

When I did the restore the EBS Size was set to 10 Gb (the default).

The restore process did not let me choose a disk size.

Is this expected behaviour adn if so is thre a work around?

Thanks - Peter


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TBH I'm not sure on this one either...

I imagine that it is expected behaviour that it doesn't backup the EBS size info as part of the backup. As TKLBAM operates with TurnKey instances running everywhere (e.g. bare metal, multiple VM technologies, etc - not just AWS) that info is only useful in a small set of cases (namely what you are doing - restoring to AWS via the Hub).

OTOH I'm not quite sure on the logic behind why the Hub doesn't allow you to choose the EBS size when restoring the backup... You may be able to work around it by adding an EBS once the instance is up. You can add a new volume or an existing one (that isn't already attached somewhere else) via the servers page.

Regardless I think that you should be able to select the EBS size on launch so I have lodged a feature request.

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Also adding an EBS volume did work OK.

Had to use Shell Commands as I could not get WebMin to co-operate (I prefer to use GUI when possible).

Thanks again

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