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Is there any special procedure to set the root password (and other default accounts) at Amazon EC2 for the TurnKey Appliances version 14.0?

I am trying the same procedure I have been using for version 13.0 without success.


Carlos Vercelino

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Apologies on the slow response. I'm in the last stages of the v14.0 release (building the alternate/optimised builds) .

And no there should not be any significant changes to how that would work in v14.0. Although as we haven't yet publicly released the v14.0 images on Amazon perhaps there is something that isn't quite right?

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I will be patient and wait.

Meanwhile, I have been able to to deploy on Amazon a version 14.0 instance of the LAPP Stack via Turnkey Hub.

Besides that I have reproduced the new Turnkey Odoo project ( on top of the LAPP Stack using a TKLpatch script ( It is working perfectly for me.

Landis Arnold ( and the Turnkey team have made a great job on this Odoo App.


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Also WRT the Odoo appliance; Landis actually piggybacked off work you had started! :) (see the changelog). Ken (@DocCyblade) did much of the heavy lifting whilst Landis was chief battle tester! They were a great team, did a fantastic job and made it really easy for me to import into the library... We're incredibly lucky to have such dedicated and community minded volunteers! :)

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