Hi, I was looking for a 32 bit version of LAMP, in older posts there where links to sourceforge but it's not available anymore.

I get the following error message when trying to run LAMP on VirtualBox 

La aceleración por hardware VT-x/AMD-V no se encuentra en su sistema. Por lo tanto el sistema invitado de 64 bits no podrá detectar una CPU de 64 bits y no podrá iniciarse.

Any ideas? I guess a 32 bit version should work



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Apologies on slow response...

Firstly is your PC 64 bit capable? If so, in theory (even if the OS is not 64 bit), if you have VT-x/AMD-V (and it's enabled in your BIOS/UEFI) then it should still work.

However you may need to ensure that PAE is enabled (in the VBox VM config) to get it working.

Having said that, we actually built 32 bit builds for most of the library (there are a few missing - but LAMP is definitely there). THey are only avaialble in ISO though. Find them on our mirror here, the 32 bit builds have "i386" in the filename (the 64 bit builds have "amd64" instead).

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