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I fired up a brand new lamp stack image and trying to run TKBALM.    It fails but doesnt return any error.  I tried with the debug opition and it didnt work any better.  I also destroyed the imagee, created a new one, waited for updates to install, rebooted, and then ran TKBLAM.  No difference in behavior.   I even tried with the debug opition.  No differnece.  Not sure what I coudl be doing wrong as it is a brand new image.  Any ideas? 


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If it's not returning any error, how do you know it failed? Are backups not showing in your Hub account? Can you please post the output of:
cat /var/log/tklbam-backup
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My guess is that the behaviour you describe was from a bug that hit the Hub recently. Basically the Hub's backend task runner stalled which stopped all backup records in the UI from being updated. So the backups occurred and the data was safely stowed on S3. But the Hub UI did not display the backups.

We've since restarted the back end and everything appears to be working as it should now...

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