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What does everyone do continuously in a console to page up and down screens.  The standard Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown doesn't seem to function (Well at least in Oracle VM Virtualbox)

If I'm missing a package I'd love to figure out what it is.


PS yeah I could use 'less' for individual commands but I'm looking to Scroll Up and Down on the screen like I normally can do in for example some term emulators.

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Personally I use SSH to communicate with my servers (even local VMs). That gives a far better user experience IMO, rather than the "raw" terminal window. I'm a Linux user, so perhaps it doesn't work quite as well on Windows, but in my terminal I can scroll back through history with up/down arrow keys (line-by-line), mouse scroll wheel (3 lines at a time by default) or page up/down keys (page at a time - no shift modifier required).

Any recent Windows most likely already includes OpenSSH by default these days and if not, it's easy to install. I'm not sure, but I would assume that the terminal would then work the same as mine does?! The command is 'ssh'. E.g. (if your server IP is

ssh root@

PuTTY is another SSH client option and I'm almost certain that should "just work".

Having said that, I suspect if you install the VirtualBox tools then it would work as you expect. Unfortunately the VirtualBox tools aren't open source, so can't be pre-installed by default, but IIRC should be relatively easy to install (it's been ages since I used VirtualBox, but IIRC the install should include an ISO that can be mounted and the tools installed in the VM from there).

I hope that helps.

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