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When importing into CANVAS the following error is reecived: 

#133 Couldn't convert QTI 1.2 to 2.1, see error log: /tmp/job-1311798-canvas.1484-20230905-1484-jqub7f/cm_20_user_id_1_qti/qti_conversion_error.log




I can confirm that it works for me on our v17.1 appliance.


From a clean install:


apt update

apt install -y python3-lxml

cd /var/www/canvas/vendor

git clone

systemctl restart canvas_init.service


It will take a little while before the background task runner will pick it up (it seems to be a bit slow to start).

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Thanks for posting Menachem. I'm sure that will help others.

I'm not a Canvas user myself, but I wonder if perhaps this is something that we should include by default? Is it something that is likely needed regularly? Or is it just something that is needed once in specific circumstance?

I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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It is going to be critical for users moving to a new install of the appliance, or when importing course content from external sources. QTI import of quiz banks allows you include what might be arguably the most critical piece of a course. In my instance it was holding me back from moving to a newer install of the appliance. There were several years of test banks that tested students which would have been impossible to reconstruct otherwise. 

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