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A couple of quick updates:

  1. TurnKey appliance development contest is over: it was a wild success and will result in a near doubling of the TurnKey library in the upcoming release batch. You are all invited to vote on who should win and share your thoughts:

  2. TKLBAM usage growing fast: despite the rapid growth spurt and media coverage we've managed to handle the increase in load without any slow-downs. If you don't yet have a TurnKey Hub account, request an invite here:

    We usually grant requests within the hour, unless we're in the middle of a capacity upgrade.

    It's been barely a month since we launched, but already TKLBAM has hundreds of users managing nearly a terabyte of encrypted cloud backups. TKLBAM also supports local storage targets (e.g., NFS, SFTP, rsync, local filesystem), and users are gradually discovering they can use that capability to cache their backups locally for fast access (I.e., especially on slow links).

    Incredibly, of the nearly one thousand backups TKLBAM is managing, a significant number are being charged less than 1 cent a month. If you notice $0.00 in the backups console, please don't e-mail us about that. It's not a bug. At 15 cents per gigabyte if you have just a few megabytes worth of data Amazon doesn't charge you anything. Backups start from about 10KB for a freshly installed TurnKey appliance.

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