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Ahoy free software mateys! Debian 8 AKA Jessie came out last month and we've been super busy working on version 14 of the TurnKey GNU/Linux library of apps which will be based on it. We're working hard to make this release kick ass, but we're a small crew so every bit of help we get from the community really puts in the wind in our sails!

With that in mind, we've created release candidates for two basic building blocks:

  1. TurnKey Core: the common base system for all TurnKey apps
  2. TKLDev: the TurnKey development toolchain and build system

How you can help:

Jessie comes with some significant changes (e.g., systemd) that increase the likelihood of unintended mischief so we want to encourage as much testing by the community as possible. Report any bugs you find to the issue tracker so we can squash them.

Beyond that the sky's the limit. TurnKey GNU/Linux is 100% free software and the development toolchain is well documented. All of the "official" development happens out in the open on GitHub, and we invite everyone to explore, tinker and share what you come up with.

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