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Dear user,

It's been over two months since our last announcement. In part because we've been a bit too busy developing to notice how long it's been, but also because a lot of new features are coming out and we prefer big juicy announcements to small incremental ones. Those of you who want to stay abreast of the very latest developments are encouraged to subscribe to the blog.


  • Important security notice: Your TurnKey system may no longer be receiving automatic security updates due to a bug in a recent Ubuntu security update. It's an easy fix though: just restart cron or reboot your system.

  • New - TurnKey Domain Management and Dynamic DNS configuration: powered by Amazon Route 53, a robust cloud DNS service. This means you no longer have to hassle with separate, poorly-integrated DNS management tools. Supports dynamic configuration of your custom domains or the free * domain via via web interface, command line, Python language bindings or REST Web API.

  • New - public Hub API + command line hubtools: Hubtools let you launch or destroy TurnKey appliances in the cloud from the comfort of an old-school command line. The public API gives developers the freedom to write applications that tie directly into the Hub.

  • New - automatic TKLBAM restore on cloud server launch: Let's you launch working cloud servers from your backups with a click of a button, which makes testing backups even easier.

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