“In my experience, the best source for appliances is TurnKey Linux”

— I-Programmer (source)

“Turnkey Linux is a breath of fresh air. I just wish I'd known about this before spending two days building a LAMP stack...”

— Karl Walsh (source)

“The down-side of using Linux has always been the fairly steep learning curve. TurnKey Linux changes all of that.”

— Tad Harrison, Paper Jammed (source)

“TurnKey's appliances are a dream to use. It just doesn't get easier.”

— Gene Liverman, Linux Journal (source)

“I find it much easier to just grab the TurnKey appliance that I need.”

— Richard A. Johnson (source)

“It's a simple way to get applications running fast, out of the box”

— Simon Shaw, Intelligenta Consulting (source)

“Until now, most appliances we tried had enough gotchas to make us return to manual installation, but the Turnkey appliances seem to be perfect.”

— Armstrong Consulting (source)

“Not sure what I was expecting, but I know I wasn't expecting things to go so smoothly.”

— Clement DeLarge (source)

“Lighter, smaller, faster and easier is the formula behind TurnKey”

— InfoWorld, Bossie awards (source)