In my experience, the best source for appliances is TurnKey Linux

I-Programmer (source)

Turnkey Linux is a breath of fresh air. I just wish I'd known about this before spending two days building a LAMP stack...

Karl Walsh (source)

The down-side of using Linux has always been the fairly steep learning curve. TurnKey Linux changes all of that.

Tad Harrison, Paper Jammed (source)

TurnKey's appliances are a dream to use. It just doesn't get easier.

Gene Liverman, Linux Journal (source)

I find it much easier to just grab the TurnKey appliance that I need.

Richard A. Johnson (source)

It's a simple way to get applications running fast, out of the box

Simon Shaw, Intelligenta Consulting (source)

Until now, most appliances we tried had enough gotchas to make us return to manual installation, but the Turnkey appliances seem to be perfect.

Armstrong Consulting (source)

Not sure what I was expecting, but I know I wasn't expecting things to go so smoothly.

Clement DeLarge (source)

Lighter, smaller, faster and easier is the formula behind TurnKey

InfoWorld, Bossie awards (source)