• Upgraded base distribution to Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS.
  • Added shell-in-a-box to provide web shell access (listening on port 12320 - uses SSL).
  • Added inithooks to execute firstboot/everyboot scripts, for example regenerating cryptographic keys on live boot:
    • SSH keys.
    • Default SSL certificate (used by Webmin, Apache, Lighttpd).
  • Upgraded Webmin to 1.490 and default theme.
    • Disabled Webmin scheduled updates (managed by APT)
  • New versions of confconsole and di-live include many improvements and bugfixes (see their respective release notes for details).
  • Implemented APT pinning downgrade workaround (LP#315175).
  • Added a few generically useful packages (unzip: LP#356099, ethtool).
  • Added IPv6 configuration to /etc/hosts.