• Update owncloud to latest upstream version - 10.7.0.
  • Update owncloud web root to /var/www/owncloud.
  • Include 'turnkey-occ' wrapper script (for occ command). Runs 'php occ' as www-data user.
  • Move owncloud data folder outside webroot - /var/www/owncloud-data - similar to #1436 (but for owncloud).
  • Set default permissions more permissively, so that the webUI updater will work OOTB - similar to #1182 (but for owncloud).
  • Remove redundant 3rd party repo - part of #1578.
  • Note: Please refer to turnkey-core's 16.1 changelog for changes common to all appliances. Here we only describe changes specific to this appliance.