• Renamed tomcat-apache (was tomcat).
  • Upgraded to sun-java6.
  • Added postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email from web applications (e.g., password recovery). Also added webmin-postfix module for convenience.
  • Added Turnkey web control panel (replaces welcome page)
  • Added redirects for /manager and /host-manager (convenience)
  • Enabled multiverse Ubuntu repository and pinned sun-java6 so it can be updated (security).
  • Regenerates all secrets during installation / firstboot (security).

Major component versions

tomcat5.5 5.5.25-5ubuntu1.2
sun-java6-jdk 6-16-0ubuntu1.8.04
sun-java6-jre 6-16-0ubuntu1.8.04
ant 1.7.0-3
apache2-mpm-worker 2.2.8-1ubuntu0.11
libapache2-mod-jk 1:1.2.25-2

Note: Please refer to turnkey-core's changelog for changes common to all appliances. Here we only describe changes specific to this appliance.