• initial public release of TurnKey Linux Torrent Server
  • SSL support out of the box
  • includes turnkey web control panel (convenience, includes helpful info)
  • mldonkey configuration
    • enabled all p2p clients by default
    • automatically scan downloaded files for virus and quarantine as needed
    • configured mldonkey http/gui/telnet to bind to localhost (security)
    • configured stunnel to provide mldonkey HTTP interface via SSL (port 12322)
    • created networking ifup hook to restart service
    • includes helper tools to support broadcatching (xmllint, xsltproc)
    • includes netcat for mldonkey telnet interface access
    • includes postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email from mldonkey (e.g., download completion). Also includes webmin-postfix module for convenience.
    • bugfix: using karmic mldonkey-server init script
    • bugfix: configured add mail brackets to sender address of mail notifications
  • web-gmui configuration
    • installed and configured to provide simpler web interface
    • created custom init script
    • configured web-gmui to bind to localhost (security)
    • configured stunnel to provide web-gmui interface via SSL (port 12323)
    • created networking ifup hook to restart service
    • installed GeoIP country lite
    • interface configurations
      • force plex as default interface
      • configured client to not disconnect (timeout set to 0)
      • disabled console module
  • fileserver configurations
    • preconfigured wordgroup: WORKGROUP
    • preconfigured netbios name: FILESERVER
    • configured samba user accounts to synchronize with unix user accounts
    • configured root as administrative samba user
    • configured shares:
      • users home directory
      • public storage
      • cdrom with automount and umount hooks (/media/cdrom)
  • extplorer configuration
    • provides web interface access to fileserver
    • preconfigured admin and guest users
    • includes vsftpd binded to localhost to provide net2ftp backend
      • provide users access to their home directories
      • workarounds permission issues with extplorer
    • includes flip to covert text file endings between unix and dos formats
    • includes popular compression support (zip, rar, bz2)
    • enabled multiverse so rar/unrar can be updated
  • enabled backports and pinned clamav-daemon and related packages
  • includes popular file downloading packages (ftp, curl, wget)
  • regenerates all secrets during installation / firstboot (security)

Major component versions

mldonkey-server 2.9.2-2ubuntu0.1
webgmui 0.1.3 (upstream tarball)
clamav-daemon 0.95.2+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1~hardy1
stunnel4 3:4.21-1
samba 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.8
extplorer 2.0.1 (upstream zipfile)
vsftpd 2.0.6-1ubuntu1.1
lighttpd 1.4.19-0ubuntu3.1

note: please refer to turnkey-core's changelog for changes common to all appliances. Here we only describe changes specific to this appliance.