• Tomcat:
    • Upgraded to tomcat6 from tomcat5.5
    • Transitioned to OpenJDK (moving away from Sun Java).
    • Set Tomcat admin password on firstboot (convenience, security).
    • Added offline documentation.
  • MySQL:
    • Added MySQL as per common request.
    • Set MySQL root password on firstboot (convenience, security).
    • Force MySQL to use Unicode/UTF8.
  • Set postfix MTA myhostname to localhost (bugfix).
  • Updated TKL web control panel (admin not ported to tomcat6).

Major component versions

tomcat6 6.0.24-2ubuntu1.5
openjdk-6-jdk 6b20-1.9.2-0ubuntu1~10.04.1
openjdk-6-jre 6b20-1.9.2-0ubuntu1~10.04.1
ant 1.7.1-4ubuntu1.1
apache2-mpm-worker 2.2.14-5ubuntu8.4
libapache2-mod-jk 1:1.2.28-2

Note: Please refer to turnkey-core's changelog for changes common to all appliances. Here we only describe changes specific to this appliance.