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Good day. Here is the automatic answering machine from Martina Hirschmeier. I work from 8am to 5pm. Ms. Hirschmeier is the secretary of the company F + H and has no desire to go to the phone and certainly not to talk with someone. So if you want to leave a message, speak after the beep and briefly. If you want to annoy me with new offers, Happy birthday images stupid questions or complaints, leave a beep! "So the AB would sound a demotivated employee, if she had one. Do you know that? They call somewhere and have a sleepy-bored voice on the phone, their expert knowledge of customer friendliness and the typical "I can not help you" just motivated to hang up? The attitudes and work motivation can be recognized particularly well on the phone. If you call your own employees from outside, you will notice it. The inner motivation is closer to the customer than one thinks. Messy desks, permanent appointments, badly prepared meetings, frequent sick leave and late-night arrivals are also visible signs of chronic demotivation. Supervisors should intervene: Happy birthday images Employees need feedback on their work. The management behavior of a company is top priority when it comes to employee motivation. It is about the recognition of achievement, the integration into decision-making processes and the creation of incentives. Hands away from short-term reward systems and supplementary bonuses. They become too common. Everyone stands for autonomy. By making their own decisions, the employees experience themselves as competent and serious. Do not wait for feedback until an employee has committed his first mistake, but praise him for the first time, if something succeeds. Mrs. Hirschmeier will be more friendly. Happy birthday images.


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