New release announcement (codename: Idan)

Following 9 months of development, and a sleepless night ensuring the release was performed as intended, the Swartz family is thrilled to announce that 'Idan' has been made public.

The aforementioned release has an undetermined support period, but likely to have onsite tier-1 support for approximately 18+ years, and thereafter tier-2 support for as long as required.

This release is of the male variant (see below for details). The specifications are scheduled to change, more features will be added, and all known issues are being handled by the developers on an ongoing basis.


  • Weight: 3.34kg
  • Height: 52cm
  • Packaging: white baby grow, blue gloves


  • Adorable sounds are emitted at random intervals
  • Cuddling produces great feeling in hands of holder
  • Will squeeze 3rd party finger when prompted by inserting into hand

Known issues:

  • Produces excess noise and bad odors on occasion
  • Will awake from suspend without warning
  • Unable to develop Python code

Please note that this release is a single limited edition. A full demo is available by appointment only, however a screenshot is included below.


Jeremy Davis's picture

And I love your sense of humour! My son and I had a good giggle about this one! Congrats to Mrs Swartz obviously too! :)

Congrats dude :)

Congratulations, Alon and family! Such a beautiful picture, post, and name. Curious about cloud deployment, but I suspect Idan will autoconfig. User interface is divine!

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Nice post, pretty release... is it 64 bit ready? I wish the best for him and the whole Swartz family! May his father guide him through the paths of Open Source and keep him protected of propietary software :D

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Alon, congratulations to you and your co-developer on what looks to be a promising, if somewhat early prototype. It certainly seems to be well designed, I'll give you that. It just doesn't seem to be very useful. Well, at least not yet. What problem were you trying to solve?

Also, I'm a bit troubled by the lack of source code. I can't find it in the archive. I can't find it on GitHub. What's going on? Is this a proprietary release? I'd really like to see the source code to Idan released under the GPL. Otherwise, there may be license compatibility issues that will make it difficult to integrate Idan with other open source projects. When the time comes.

Anyhow, not bad for a first release. All of the parts seem to be there - in miniature, but I can see the potential. Looking forwarding to future developments.

DISCLAIMER: For the record, the Idan release was developed without any involvement on my part. I didn't even get to do any basic QA prior to the announcement. Please e-mail Alon directly with regards to any issues you find.

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Both the Mrs. and I really appreciate it.

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congratulations !!

The future of TKL is now assured and it will have very very very long support.

QUOTE:  ech`echo xiun|tr nu oc|sed 'sx\([sx]\)\([xoi]\)xo un\2\1 is xg'`ol

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I am starting to hear some rumours about Project Idan.

Firstly the initial idea and bedding down process was performed flawlessly and as far as any of us can tell you co-developer was happy with your execution. I a concerned by the lack of Beta testing and community involvement and as Liraz has pointed out - no source code? How will any of us know how this all works? I would like to see diagrams with full explanations please! Besides all the documentation issues the screen shots look very promising and we look forward to seeing updated screenshots as your project grows. Finally I am wondering what the frequency of your release cycle will be?

Oh and congrats, very cute!

Chris Musty


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