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I successfully created a new VM on ESX Server 3.5 and attached the LAMP appliance to the VM. When I then start the VM, I get the Turnkey splash screen to install or run the live version. However, when I choose install to HDD, the CLI install commands flash by and then the "Debian Installer Live" GUI pops up with only two choices, "Undo changes to partition" and "finish partitioning and write changes to disk". If I choose the latter, then I get another GUI saying that there is no root partition and that I have to fix this issue from the "partitioning menu". If I choose the fix option, nothing happens. I can drop to the command prompt, but I don't know how to proceed.

I know I am trying to run Turnkey LAMP on a proprietary platform, but I am wondering if any one would be able to shed some light on trying to fix this? I have attached the two screens.

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If you are using the ISO then that is very strange and I have no answer for you (or anyway of testing as I have no access to ESX3.5). Only thing I can think is try the VM image.

If you are using the VM image, did you unzip the zip file and import the OVF? I have only ever used the VM images with VirtualBox and I vaguely recall initially having some minor issues, but once I worked it out I had a running VM inside of 2 minutes. In VBox there is an option to import a VM and once I selected the correct file it was pretty straight forward. Perhaps keep fiddling with it, but if you get stuck, then try installing from ISO.

It should work on ESX - I recall some complaining about there being a bug in the OVF import process (although notihing like what you're describing). I'm not sure if it's still relevant but there was a workaround.

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Jeremy, I took your advice and downloaded the OVF version. I then tried to import the OVF file using ESX's File import feature. However, I get an error saying: "An error occured while parsing the OVF descriptor: Unable to parse xml element 'Envelope'. So, I then copied all the files from the zip to a local folder on the ESX. I then tried to create a new VM using the .vmdk file, but when I browse the the folder containing all the extracted files, nothing appears in the file open window even though ESX is looking for a vdmk file.

Oh, well, I think I will burn a CD from the ISO file and mount the CD on the ESX and then create a new VM that will boot from the CD and try that way.

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So, I burned the LAMP ISO with ImgBurn and it finished but with errors. I realised that the LAMP karma was not good and that I was heading into stronger winds, so, I changed course and downloaded the LAPP ISO. Low and behold, ESX 3.5 liked that ISO and I was able to install LAPP and get beyond the partitioning issue that I had with the LAMP ISO. So, does my ESX 3.5 server have a problem or is the LAMP ISO the issue?


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Have you tried verifying the image (or just redownloading)? This sounds suspiciously like a corrupted ISO to me. Regardless glad you got LAPP to work! :)

BTW not sure what the issues were with the OVF. As I said there were minor issues with a previous OVF release when used with VMware ESX/ESXi but AFAIK that has since been resolved (and the error message you got is different anyway). As I have no access to, or knowledge of ESX (and no interest in installing the 'free' ESXi/vSphere) then I can't really help much there.

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