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just found your site this week as I have been looking for a light weight replacement for freenas .

And I have found it :)  . Installed samba file server from an iso updated it and installed PS3 media server and it works out of the box.



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Thanks for sharing your positive experience. I'm delighted you're finding TurnKey useful!
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I have now found that PS3 media server will not work well with my samsung tv so , using tkl core added ffmpeg , openjdk-6-jre-headless , serviio dlna server 0.5.2-linux.tar.gz ,and finally added samba + samba webmin  . This runs well in proxmoxVe but some scripts need writing to start and stop the media server .

It would be nice for this to be made into an appliance if possible !

Ps: serviio console needs installing on different machine ,either linux ,windows or mac.

being a linux noob i'm still finding my way around scripting.

PPs: thanks jedmister for the link to proxmoxVe

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I have now converted using alien serviio 0.5.2-linux.tar.gz to serviio_0.5.2-2 all.deb .

It now installs in / serviio-0.5.2 and can be started by  bin/

I would like to install it in the /usr folder instead and add users to tkl if anyone knows how this could be achieved as this would make start stop scripts easier to write i hope.

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Then I strongly suggest you look at TKLPatch and make a patch to recreate your custom appliance. There is plenty of info in the docs and I'm happy to share what I know.

A working patch is no guarantee that it will become an official TKL appliance but its a really good start and if it serves a useful purpose (which is sounds like it does) and the core dev team have time/energy/resources to release it as an appliance. Regardless, if you publish a patch (and give me a nudge) then I'm happy to patch an ISO and upload it to the TKL Community project so others can download the ISO (rather than it only being available as a patch).

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Thanks for the reply

I will keep on reading about tklpatch and how to prepare it , it may take some head scratching and broken pencils and may be some help from a linux friend but I will keep plodding away .

1 question though would it be best to start from tkl core and patch from there or start with tkl fileserver ?

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In answer to your question, what you base the appliance on completely depends on what works best for you. In general I try to avoid deleteing/removing stuff if possible so if you don't need all that TKL LAMP includes then Core (or something else) may be a better fit. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter that much just as long as you make it clear to others what your patch is based on.

As for the learning curve don't be scared to ask. I'm certainly no Linux expert but I have a fairly good common knowledge and am usually happy to give my 2c. :)

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So for now you'll need to use LAMP and install yourself. Although if you'd like to see a Conrete5 appliance then perhaps you could develop it and create a TKLPatch. That will push forward an official patch. Please see my post above.

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See here.

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I have now created a basic patch using tklpatch ,which I have test installed on tkl-fileserver and tkl-torrent server both of which work well .

Next stage is to write a start stop script to run at boot for serviio-0.6 and then compile some documentation for simple serviio console setup on various different OS's as it requires a desktop to run it for initial set up of media folders .

Must say I was a little scared of tklpatch to start with but reading the docs and posts of other people has helped .

Hope to have a test patch up very soon.

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Sounds like you've made substantial progress. Look forward to having a try of your patch/appliance when you post.

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I have a slight problem , would anyone know how and where to add a new upstart service would it be in conf or overlay in mypatch?

save in /etc/init called serviio.conf

start on started networking



end script


Thanks in advance


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Although IMO the best and easiest way would be to create the file and add it to the overlay. So to end up with /etc/init/serviio.conf in your patched appliance; create your serviio.conf file and save it in /overlay/etc/init in your patch.

[A little offtopic - but may be useful for future reference] As a general rule, my opinion is that if a file preexists and is unique to the installed system (ie already contains some config data which will be different on each installation) then the file should be edited via the conf script (using sed etc). If the file doesn't already exist - such as in your case or a new file is created during the patching process eg via the install of a new app, then an overlay file is easier and less prone to error. Note: Because of the way the patching process works by default, if you want to overwrite a file which is created by an app installed with conf, you will either need to use an advanced patch (with pre-overlay and post-overly conf scripts) or overlay the files somewhere else and copy across with the conf script (otherwise your custom file will be overwritten - overlay happens before conf).

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