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I have a 10.3 Gb tklbam backup created in a moodle turnkey vm that won't restore to a EC2 cloud server. I've tried both restoring to a new cloud server and creating a new server and the initiating the backup. I've let the restore run up to 72 hours without success.

I'm new to tklbam, so hopefully its something I'm missing.

Each time the restore seems to stall at:


Successfully updated Hub with server boot status: tklbam-restore

Restoring duplicity archive from s3://

Synchronizing remote metadata to local cache...

Copying duplicity-full-signatures.20111005T032325Z.sigtar to local cache.
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With a confirmed workaround. Hope that solves your issue.

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Thanks for the help. After the workaround, I'm still stalling out (1 hour plus) at...


root@moodle ~# mkdir -p /mnt/tmp                                                                                                       

root@moodle ~# mount --bind /mnt/tmp /tmp                                                                                              

root@moodle ~# tklbam-list                                                                                                             

# ID  SKPP  Created     Updated     Size (MB)  Label                                                                                   

   1  No    2011-10-05  2011-10-05  10521.53   TurnKey Moodle                                                                          

root@moodle ~# tklbam-restore 1                                                                                                        

Restoring duplicity archive from s3://                                                         

Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed.                                                                            

Last full backup date: Wed Oct  5 03:23:25 2011
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Sorry I'm not sure what's going on... Have you double checked that it hasn't actually done it's job and restored all your data? That's what it's suggesting...

If that still isn't working perhaps you could try a fresh instance (if you haven't already tried that)?

If you continue to have issue then I suggest you contact the TKL core devs via the Hub 'feedback' feature (blue button on the left hand side when logged in).

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You don't need to mount --bind /tmp to instance storage any more. The Hub now does this for you.

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