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Hi all

I have a Joomla 1.5 application working in the Amazon EC2 in a small container. From what I can see from the following link:

The small container offers 160GB of space > this is the same thing I see when I log into the webadmin console and check the sidebar. However I am very confused as to how much space is being provided.

The reason I say this is that when I SSH into the application the welcome text reports 86% of 9.4 GB being used - I see the same thing from the disk & network filesystems option in webadmin. It reports that the root filesystem is 94% used.

My Joomla VirtueMart site is only 500MB in size, I've checked my apache log files and they are 200MB in total.

Could someone explain to me why I do not have access the remaining 150GB in the EC2 container and why my Application is so big in size? Do TKLBAM images count towards the allocated 9.84GB?

This is driving me nuts - any help would be greatly appeciated.


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It is a long way to 160gb from perhaps 1gb that I think you are actually using.

Perhaps the 160GB is actually TKLAPP's Container though I am not sure.  Seems they are billing for 160gb of your usage.

I am doing my own first S3 install and I will let you know what I find out after the INCREDIBLY SLOW Restore is finished.

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