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I just tried to do my first migration. Ran the restore in WebMin, and at the end it is not listing any DBs (MySQL) being restored. How can I tell if they are being backed up in the first place? and any ideas as to why it is not restoring them?

And, if I manually restore the DBs, and attempt to bring up the Joomla sites, I get an Error 500.

The TurnKey Package I am using is: turnkey-lamp-11.2-lucid-x86-vmdk
- On both the source and the new restore...

Thank you in advance.


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If the permissions and/or passwords on the database(s) have been changed from default. Are you restoring to the same appliance or to a clean install?

If you are restoring to an existing instance, then perhaps permissions/passwordd may be the reason why you are getting errors on manual DB restore too? Not sure, only guessing really...

Can you try restoring to a clean install? I guess it will depend on whether you are running on a VM or bare metal. If download quota isn't an issue, perhaps try restoring to a clean VM (even if you normally run bare metal).

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the reply. I am attempting to restore to a fresh vm image.

Interesting note. When the restore completes, at the end it says something like "Restoring Databases" and lists nothing under that. Then says you should reboot.... 

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But obvously it's not... It should just work. The potential issues I mentioned above shouldn't be an issue with a restore to a clean appliance IMO.

The fact that nothing is listed on the screen under restored DBs is worrying but I don't have anything backed up with DBs ATM myself to be able to conform that the message itself is a concern. I'm assuming that you are trying your site after a restore and it's not working?

Unfortunately I haven't had enough experience with TKLBAM and DBs to know for sure what might be going on.

According to the TKLBAM docs, unless an override has been set, by default is should be backing up the whole DB. Perhaps post (or at least consult) the contents of /var/log/tklbam-restore so we can have a look whats actually happening on restore.

As for your question about knowing what has been backed up, the backup log should be /var/log/tklbam-backup. You can also run a simulation with the -s switch ie tklbam-backup -s

Perhaps also double check that the DB hasn't inadvertantly been disallowed via /etc/tklbam/overrides

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Looks as if when I imported my DBs from my IIS machine, it messed up some of the permissions/user credentials. Thanks for your help! There is one issue I have noticed, if you upgrade WebMin, and if you dont upgrade it on the restore destination, then it breaks..

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This info may well help others importing from alternative OS to TKL so thanks for posting.

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