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Hi, I'm Juan and I have an application in PHP y MySql to view reports and values of the MRTG monitor trafic and resources LAN and configurate equipment to observer.

I can donate this aplication for this project and I need instal MRTG.



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Sorry for the late reply. The team was very busy cranking out the 2009.10 release. Note that you can suggest a feature without donating, but donations are of course encouraged as they help support the project. If you need commercial work done on priority check out our premium services page.

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I developed a php application that monitors network equipment with MRTG, but I found that munin is simple and does the same.
I like development a web interface to munin.

PD: I have Turnkey Lamp + munin + samba + openvpn, it is working very good and this is very safe (vpn)

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