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I'm new to the TKL hosting on Amazon and after running a basic website for a day I'm really bummed on the cost.  I guess for some reason I expected it to be based on a "usage" hour, not a clock hour.

I'm sure this is good deal for some, but for a small business that just wants a nice website I can't see how this would be cost effective.

I love TKL, but sadly dissapointed with the Amazon hosting offering.

My website has been "Destroyed" and suffered a terrible fate... :)

Am I missing something?  I would love to hear any suggestions or alternative TKL solutions.

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Depends on your needs, but even a Micro server may well be overkill for your usage scenario. I use AWS occasionally but more for the handy factor of having a 'grunty' PC in the cloud, rather than for hosting. So for my usage it is really cheap, even for a few hours.

The couple of web pages I run are low traffic, simple, statc html sites and as such they are fine just running on hosted webspace.

However if you have a high traffic and/or complex webpage then a VPS solution such as TKL via AWS would be a much better option IMO.

Generally hosted options are cheaper but are generally less reliable, less reponsive, less secure, less configurable and perform much worse under heavier loads than VPS options.

So like most things in life, you generally get what you pay for. But if you only need a 4 cylinder hatchback, don't buy a prime mover! :)

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