When I try to do a backup, during the uploading stage I eventually get a "failed (attemt #X, reason: error: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer). Im assuming this is because my VM is on a server at home and I have low upload bandwidth. Are there any settings I can change, such as timeout or keep alives, to prevent my connection being dropped when I'm doing the backup?

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But eventually times out?

I don't know enough to be sure, but you could try reducing the volume size. By default it's 50MB but you can change it using the --volsize MB switch eg tklbam-backup --volsize 20

If it's not starting at all, it could be some networking issue too though. So it may pay to do some network troubleshooting. Being a home network I guess a proxy or firewall is unlikely (they are known to cause issue with stuff like this). But if you are getting internet to your appliance ok then that is less likely to be the problem. You can do a quick and dirty test for network connectivity using ping eg ping www.amazon.com

Thanks for the suggestion Jeremy, I tried changing volsize to 20 with no luck, once I lowered it to 5 I managed to get a successful backup.

Other than resulting in several uploads are there any downsides to using a volsize this low?

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Glad that worked for you.

And I am not aware of any problems that will cause. To be on the safe side though I would test your backup prior to needing to rely on it. Probably the quickest easiest way to test it is using a cloud server (via the Hub), although a new VM install of the relevant appliance would also work (although would be significantly slower).

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