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I'm poking Turnkey to see if I can make it meet my needs. Ran into a few small problems from the command line.  Ultimately, I wanted to try using Turnkey like I would any other Linux distro & install things from the command line.

Sadly, in doing this I lost access to my site.  I could ssh into example.tklapp.com before the upgrade as well as webmin from https://example.tklapp.com:12321

However, after the upgrade I could only access this using the IP address.  It seems the Public IP in Hub no longer reflects the tklapp.com Hostname here https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/servers/

It doesn't really matter as I can simply use the IP, but not sure how I did this and if it will affect anything else.  Is the hostname used for anything else?  Can I correct it?  It could be because I restarted the server through Webmin.  Not sure.

Just looking for feedback here to see if I haven't messed up the system somehow.

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I tried to release the domain here and that didn't seem to do anything to improve the links from /servers/ either:

However, if you go there, and then go back https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/servers/ you can associate that Elastic IP to the server formally.  

Seems like more of a run around than should be required, but..

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If I understand correctly then you haven't realized you can update your machine's IP by just running this command:


Is that right?

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That's correct, I didn't know about hubdns-update. Now that's run by default using cron on an hourly basis.

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I'm having the same issue in that the association with the tklapp domain name as well as access to webmin have gone after I moved my joomla folder to /mnt to access the 160 gigs there.

I tried disassociating the IP and the tklapp domain name then reassigning them but no joy. 

Any ideas?

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It doesn't sound like the same problem. I can't fathom how moving your joomla directory to /mnt would have any effect over your IP.

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Yeah it's strange, the site is there using the IP but not at mysite.tklapp.com!

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The site works, the only thing that seems to be affected is access through the tklapp domain, but I can get webmin using the IP so no problem. Strange.

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I have a theory why this might be happening but I need more information to be sure. A couple of questions:

  1. Are you using Elastic IP?
  2. Are you using an EBS-backed instance or an S3-backed instance?

Also, click on the feedback button in the Hub and say you're the guy with the tklapp.com / webmin issue so we know which account to take a look at.

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Hi Liraz,

Yes we're using an elastic IP and it's an S3 backed instance. I've clicked on the feedback button as you suggested.

Everything seems to work fine except for accessing using the tklapp.com domain, I can even get webmin etc using the ip address instead. It's a minor issue I guess as it's handy to be able to click in the admin panel to access webmin,

Cheers for taking a look.

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