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Hi, I'd simply like to launch a turnkey instance that has more than 10 gigs from start, I don't want to mess around afterwards. I have a joomla site that is over 20 gigs and want to migrate it, Cheers, Dom
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Right, so you want the root filesystem to be larger than 10GBs. Unfortunately, the way Amazon EC2 works that is easier said than done. You'd have to create an entirely new image. We could program the Hub to do that but then you'd have to wait much longer for your machine to come up. Much longer.

Instead I propose you create an EBS volume and mount --bind it to wherever you want on your system. See this tutorial on how to move data to instance storage. Moving parts of your filesystem off to an EBS volume is similar in principle.

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I must admit I tried that and ended up with /mnt on my joomla folder, could you be more specific with your instructions for a Joomla install, if you can do that I'll rack up an install and I'm yours

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I'm going for an S3 rather than an EBS backed malarkey because we don't need to be switching anything on and off

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And AFAIK (for the purposes of this) it is irrelevant whether you have an S3 or EBS backed instance.

Basically you should be able to use almost exactly the same commands as are used in the example Liraz linked to, but substitute /path/to/big/Joomla/folder (where ever that is) for /home in the example.

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Thanks for the replies,


Well I tried using the webmin method first and it cam up with this when I replace /home with /var/www
Edit Mount
Failed to save mount : Missing or non-existant original directory
I then used the shell methid by using these commands:
mv /var/www /mnt
mkdir -p /var/www
echo /mnt/var/www /var/www bind bind 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
mount /var/www
It moved the var/www and subdirectories to /mnt successfully, but doesn't seem to recognise them. In the disk and netword file system webmin module it describes them as not in use, when I click to try to activate it comes up with:
File System
Failed to mount /var/www :
mount: special device /mnt/var/www does not exist
So although the folder seems to be in the right place it's not being recognised!
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If you're configuring a mount bind via Webmin, make sure you select the right type of device: loopback.

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I had an exptra VAR where it shouldn't have been, all seems to be working well now except except for the fact that I can get the site by using the IP, but not the address :0)

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As for updating the DNS with your new IP, try:


IIRC it should auto run every hour as a cron job, but perhaps not?

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