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Spent today configuring a new TKL lamp box. I setup backup to S3, but I'm curious if I'm missing something. When I backup it appears successful, and the turnkey hub shows the details of the backup, but when I go into the aws management console there are no buckets/files in s3. 

Are they hidden somehow because it's using the "turnkey" application?

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If you have a look in the TKLBAM documentation you will find a rationale for this.

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Yep, this is in the TKLBAM FAQ: Why can't I access TKLBAM storage buckets with other Amazon S3 tools?

The Hub uses a special API for Amazon S3 based products. When you sign up for TKLBAM you authorize TurnKey to store your backup data in isolation from regular Amazon S3 storage. This provides several advantages:

  1. Easier sign up process: new users don't need to know about S3 API keys, or what it means to give them to us.
  2. Security: we don't need access to all the data in your generic S3 account to do encrypted backups for you.
  3. Cost transparency: when Amazon bills you, TurnKey related storage charges show up separately.
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Thanks I didn't see that FAQ. Makes sense now. It's working beautifully so far, btw. Never had backups this easy. 

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