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Hi - 

Been using the vTiger turnkey box for about a month now.  I recently moved image to another computer that has more memory.  When I wake up in the morning - I am getting a journal commit i/o error and the entire file system is now in read only mode.

I'm a total linux noob and though I tried reading about this (I understand file system goes to read only to protect from corruption) I have no idea why it's happening, how to find out when it's happening, etc.

I've been reloading a backup copy of the image I have every day to see what happens - and it just keeps happening (journal commit i/o error)


Please help!

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And the best way to do that is from a Live CD. In this thread Tim suggests GPartedCD which is fine. Or you could just use a TKL ISO in Live mode. Personally I have SystemRescueCD laying around for just this occasion.

Hopefully that may fix i=your issues. Also if you are running as a VM then it's worth checking the underlaying physical HDD too.

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