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Hope someone can answer this question. It looks like its something easy to fix - but I cannot fix it on my end. 

Basically, I have two back ups in my backup pages on the hub that will not delete. Each time I try to delete them they just bomb out. Now in the screen shots you will note that is says "First backup in process". However, there is no backup. It has stayed the same way now for WEEKS! I noticed these popoped up while I was adding my VM's to the hub (backup purposes) and it added two of the VM's twice in the back ups. It lets me work with one of them but the other I cannot. There are no back ups and I cannot delete them.

I have included a few screen shots so you can see what I am seeing.

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And best way to contact them asap is via Feedback in the Hub (blue button on the left hand side). They do read the forums, but not so much when they're deep in development. Perhaps just give them a brief outline and post a link to this forum post for full details (save you writing the whole story again...)

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