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I'm using the apache-tomcat-appliance.

Long story short: I installed lxde and lxdm and disabled confconsole using webmin. I also ran apt-get upgrade leading me to udev freeze, which I resolved using the instructions from this forum (basically kill the corresponding process).

On boot now the loginmanager gets displayed, but apache, tomcat, etc aren't started.

"who -r" tells me I am at runlevel 2. In /etc/rc2.d there are links to /etc/init.d/tomcat6 and /etc/init.d/apache2

What did I miss?

(I used to use linux (debian etch), but that's some time ago and I already forgot many things especially about runlevels)

At least I'm able to start apache, etc. manually. I also made a backup-liveCD using remastersys.

On the live-System I cannot start apache due to a mod_jk validation failure.

Can anybody help me on those issues?

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I just had a closer look on rc2.d and compared the startorder of my system with startorder of the tk-livecd.

This is totally mixed up...

Here is the startuporder of the original liveCD:

  • S15inithooks
  • S20hubdns
  • S20postfix
  • S23ntp
  • S30shellinabox
  • S50rsync
  • S91apache2
  • S91webmin
  • S92tomcat6
  • S99confconsole
  • S99grub-common
  • S99ondemand
  • S99rc.local

And her is the startuporder of the system after apt-get upgrade and apt-get install xorg lxdm lxde (and some more)

  • S01hubdns
  • S01inithooks
  • S01shellinabox
  • S01tomcat6
  • S04apache2
  • S05ntp
  • S05openbsd-inetd
  • S05proftpd
  • S05rsync
  • S06postfix
  • S06webmin
  • S07grub-common
  • S07ondemand
  • S07rc.local
  • S20remastersys-firstboot
  • S50pcscd
  • S99x11-common

By the way, when I installed remastersys (more precise: ubiquity-frontend-debconf there was a conflict with di-live, so I deinstalled di-live. May this be the cause?

I will try to reorder things and see what happens....

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You had a working (clean) TKL Tomcat/Apache install. You then added LXDE etc and now Tomcat/Apache won't auto start?

You mention RemasterSys. Is this problem occuring after you install the remastered ISO? Or before? Or both?

TBH this isn't really a strength of mine, so I don't know how much help I can be. Perhaps it is to do with removing di-live as you suspect, but I would think that would only be an issue after installing from the Remastered ISO. (Di-live is something to do with the customised TKL installer AFAIK).

I imagine that a more robust way of getting a redistributable ISO would be to use TKLPatch. It will involve a little more effort as you will need to document your install and transfer that to the conf script of your patch. But the beauty of a patch is that you can then share it with others, as well as applying it to other ISOs (assuming your mods are relevant to other appliances).

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