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I have multiple Amazon AWS accounts and I have just spend an hour trying to find the "order" for my tklbam backups. I look on my credit card and I see the charges for the backups, but I don't see it anywhere in my amazon accounts. 

I unregistered my EC2 account from the hub, but the backup is still there. I'd like to unregister/cancel it and re-register/order it via Amazon. 

Can anyone help me?

I thought at one point I found a link in AWS that would show a list of "applications" that I was subscribed to, but I don't see it anymore...


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If I'm not mistaken you're looking for Amazon's DevPay applications page!

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Thank you!


And what's the easiest way to associate the tklbam with a new amazon account? I can't find a button to remove/re-add it like there is for ec2

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