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I am launching the Turnkey AMI for wordpress on EC2 from my own AWS account. Everythign works fine except I can not login since I dont have passwords. The passwords are generated at boot up but since I launched from AWS Management page, not turnkey hub, I did not see the passwords generated at bootup.

How do I get the passwords for these instances when they are launced from AWS not turnkeyhub?

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But AFAIK you can read the randomised password from the console.

Out of interest, is there a reason why you don't want to associate your account with the Hub and use that?

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in the console. The AWS console? Or some thing else.

I have not used the hub because I was not ready to give them my AWS credentials. Mainly I came to Turnkey backwards. I found the AIM in EC2 and installed it and started to run it, had no passwords, googled the AIM and found the web site. IT seems like a Im this close to getting the currenct instance to work. But I may just use the hub, It may just be easier to start over than try to debug this last bit.

Through the hub, I would still get my free instance, correct? Assuming I install a micro instance.

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So should just follow you into the Hub. But TBH I can't 100% guarantee it because I have no personal experience with it. I have been a very minimal user of the Hub/AWS over the last 3-odd years I've been involved with TKL and mostly just use it for testing and/or helping others to troubleshoot. By the time the 'free tier' came along I was definately not eligible for it (unfortunately).

The Hub has been my only real experience of AWS and it seems almost too easy to me. You can preset the root password as well as other stuff like username/email, passwords and domain (availanility depends on the specific appliance). TKLBAM is a fantastic thing too IMO!

And regardless I can vouch for the honesty of the TKL devs in this regard.

Back to your initial question - in the Hub there is a console window which you can open and read which will display the random password (and other launch/boot info from your instance). I have no idea how you access this from vanilla AWS console but I'm assuming that this info comes from Amazon and is not specific to the Hub. If you do get your intial connection working, then running 'turnkey-init' should allow you to set your other passwords.

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