Been a long time doing it but set up a wordpress multisite on turnkey lamp.

The multisite has 2 subdomains.

I have 2 addon domains mapped to the 2 subdomains of main site.

Origianally used as reference:

Also used:

And various other sources on the web.

After I got it all the tecnical server stuff working a while back, I concentrated on building the site when I had time.

I have been doing all my server and site setup while connecting using my PCs hosts file.

Now I am ready to go live but when I add the new records to the domains at my registar and remove the entries in my hosts file on my pc. Things are not working.

The main site frontend is there but the 2 subdomains are not.

The wordpress backend for all three sites is accessable.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Any Ideas where I should start troubleshooting and how to troubleshoot this problem?

My .htaccess looks ok.

I think the vhosts file is ok too

I don't know where to go with this now.


Anyone any ideas?

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Did you double check it was all working when you had finished (prior to going 'live')? If so it could just be a matter of the DNS propergation taking some time.

I'm assuming you removed the entires from your hosts file (not accidentally still trying to contact your local server - which is perhaps off now?)

To test DNS propagation you could add/edit the hosts entry to point to the real IP now and see what happens then. (If it all works as expected probably a DNS issue of some sort).

Other things that spring to mind worth checking: file ownership/permissions on the files/folders; flushing dns and browser cache (to make sure you are getting fresh pages); checking apache logs to see if there are any errors...

Everything was checked before and during the switch.

I think it may have been just super slow propagating. Was going on nearly a week I was very patient but started getting a tad stressed after a couple of days.

Anyway the 3 sites in the setup at least can be accessed now.

The only problem then, was none of them where resolving to www.

And the main site was going to the server root.

I found somewhere else that adding this to the .htaccess will sort the www resolving out and it did for the main site.

rewritecond %{http_host} ^www\.yourdomainhere\.com [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]

WWW still not working on on the mapped subdomains though.

Will be patient again. I did make some dns changes on subdomains couple of days ago.

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