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Hi all

I have a small ebs backed lamp server running on Amazon (I am using Moodle 2.2, an e-learnng platform)

Unfortunately the small server isn't quick enough to handle moodle 2.2 (it handled 1.9 comfortably - but 2.2. is a lot more intensive) so I wanted to migrate it to a larger server.

I have backep up the small.

Stopped it.

Then tried to restore the backup to a medium server.

It looked like it was working, and I eventually got the green light.

But unfortunately when I can to try and log into webdim my root password wasn't accepted.


Any ideas what I did wrong ?

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I added the 'tklbam' tag to the forum post and will forward the message to Liraz as he'll be doing maintenance on TKLBAM soon.

In the meantime, might I suggest using snapshots? Its really simple to acheive what you want by taking a snapshot and launching a new, more powerful server based on the snapshot.

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I will give it a try - thanks for the suggestion.

Adrian Black

(Teacher - e-learning designer - ex I.T)

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