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Hi all

I have read the section on how to backup locally using


tklbam-backup --address file:///mnt/otherdisk/tklbam/backup


But unfortunately I have a windows machine at present ( some of my graphics and flash authoring tools don't work under linux )

So how would I go about backing up to a windows machine ?

( eg path C:\backups )


tklbam-backup --address file://c:\backups


I tried that and it just sat there and didn't do a thing ( I couldn't see any writes to disk )

Any help appreciated.


(For Info I am running a lamp stack on an ebs backed Amazon system - but need a local backup once in a while for disaster recovery purposes)

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But seeing as you are running on AWS that isn't an option...

So some other options are:

  • SFTP - requires you to install an (S)FTP server on your Win box eg Filezilla server (not the client)
  • Rsync - AFAIK you can install Rsync on Win using CygWin (but I have never tried)
  • Run a TKL appliance in a VM (eg VirtualBox) and then use either SFTP or Rsync (both are installed an configured OOTB)

All of these will probably require you to do some port forwarding etc (depending on your network setup).

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Ok, going for the tkl app on a vm - now need to climb the learning curve to get this working :-)

Then I'll address the problem of pulling the backup down to the VM


Watch this space, I imagine I'll have a few questions on the way 


Thanks for the help :-)

Adrian Black

(Teacher - e-learning designer - ex I.T)

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To get you started, make sure that you use 'bridged' networking in VBox (may be called something different if you use another VM app). That will allow your VM to get an IP and act like an independant PC on your network.

Then go into your new appliance and give it a static IP (so it won't change).

Then set up port forwarding to forward port 22 to the static IP you set on your TKL VM.

If you have a dynamic external IP (like many ISPs provide) then you'll probably want to use some dynamic DNS (so you have a domain name that will reroute to your IP). HubDNS may be a good option if you aren't already using some dynamic DNS provider.

That'll have you pretty close! :)

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Just found maybe an undocumented feature :-)


I was trying to actually backup to the turnkey server ( thought I could then use the download facility to pull it from there )


So I entered 

tklbam-backup --address file:///home/backup/

(probably wrong I know)


It went off and started doing things - then I noticed that Chrome was downloading something.

It is downloading the backup files directly to my download directory :-)


I think I just solved my problem through a mistake.

Adrian Black

(Teacher - e-learning designer - ex I.T)

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