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Hi, I'm interested in using confconsole and am glad to see the source code on Github, however I can't determine from that repository what the licensing terms for the source code is... The files say "(c) all rights reserved", but otherwise don't mention any other terms.

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You can find the license here. Out of interest, what project will you be using it in?

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we're looking for a way to easily configure ubuntu VM networking on first boot. 

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It is my observation that it would be nice to configure STATIC Ip's before the TKLBAM Key and Security Updates are applied.

When I install  from ISO I can get the updates installed at build time only if I have DHCP available.  Because I only have dhcp for a internal zone of our network this doesn't help much.

Seems to add some work/time coming around to getting the updates installed after the static ip is applied.

(likely not the same thing you are trying to builid)

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