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Hi folks,

A simple question for you, I hope. Where do I place pictures I want to insert into pages I create? Which directory is the default location for them? I have tried placing them in the directory my theme is in and various other places, but cannot figure out the paths to get them to display.

Also can anybody suggest where I can find a comparission between the Turnkey/Drupal install and a standard Drupal install, they seem so different. I am sure if I understood that I would have a better idea where everything should fit in.


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Images and other files go to /var/lib/drupal6/files. That makes sense according to Debian/Ubuntu packaging conventions which follow the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.

Note that TurnKey uses the standard Debian/Ubuntu installation of Drupal, which may be different than the from-source installation procedure you are used to. Other then that the only major difference is that we bundle a bunch of generically useful modules with Drupal.

Speaking of modules, in the next version we plan on bundling IMCE which makes uploading images much much easier as you can see in this screencast.

Just installed the Drupal6 appliance, and have the following questions/problems:

1. Email notification not sent: e.g on creating a new user in Drupal

2. I need to upload a contributed theme and place it in '/sites/all/themes/yourThemeNamee' , where do I find this.

Would appreciate the guidance,


Noobie problems!

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