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tklbam only backs up files for a base installation. If you install new packages/configurations they may not get backed up. For example I added odbc to an image and when I did a restore odbc wasn't there.

Is there a way to automaticlly have tklbam figure out that there are new files that need to be backed up after an installation.

At the very least, people need to know about this so they don't learn about the hard way.

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TKLBAM will backup the delta changes made to an appliance, whether its adding new packages, new users, files, databases, etc.

But, if you installed software/files in a way that is not compatible with the  Debian Policy / FHS, then TKLBAM won't include them in the backup. You could override this, but its not recommended.

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It turns out the ODBC stuff was actually OK, but here's one particular file that wasn't backup:


Can you explain that?

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As Alon mentioned above, creating an overide is easy. And really backups should never be relied on to 'just work', they should be thoroughly and regularly tested to ensure that they will work as desired if the need for them arrives.

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It turns out that /etc/hostname was explcitly excluded from dirindex.conf. And I see a lot of other files that are excluded as well. Is there any design docs that explains why certainly things are excluded?

I'd just like to understand more. For example, I've put /etc/hostname back in the backup. Is there some reason that's a bad idea?

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But I suspect that it's to cover migration. If you use TKLBAM to create a uniform starting place for a number of appliances you won't want them to all to have the same hostname...

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