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I want to access my mantis appliance i installed on a VMWare player on Windows 7. I disabled IIS7 on my Windows.

When i set up everything "Host-Only" I access it well with my browser on the host computer and it works great.

But now I want to share my mantis with a co worker on another computer.

I have only one IP address for my machine, so I decided to use NAT.

When i set NAT up, i can't access mantis with my browser (i use my local computer IP in the browser) and it's the same on the co worker computer.

How can i set it up correctly?

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If you have a second NIC then configure one host-only and one NAT. The only thing is though I think you'd need to configure Apache to server on both interfaces and I have no idea how you'd do that (or even if it's possible).

Ideally using bridged networking would be the go...

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