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I wish to install Oracle Java 7 to a container with Linux as the OS and have a few basic tools like ant installed. Is there a pre-made "blank" container that would install just the standard turnkey Ubuntu-server 10.4 that I could add java to? Thanks! Ric

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Could someone help me install Oracle Java 7 system wide within proxmox? Or does each container have to have it's own install of Java? Thanks! Ric

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If you wish to use software from within a container then you'll need to install it.

As for Java 7, there is good news and bad news...

The bad news: Since Oracle have changed their licencing, the proprietry Oracle Java is now no longer available from any repos (well not any legal ones anyway...). It is still in the Ubuntu partner repo AFAIK, but it's actually an empty .deb that just depends on the open source Java7.

The good news: From what I have read unlike Java 6, Java 7 is built on the open source Java 7 (as you may well know, many Java 6 things don't run nicely on open Java 6 and require Oracle Java 6). This means that from my understanding, there is no advantage to installing the proprietry Oracle Java 7.

This is only what I have read though, I have no real world experience to back this up so YMMV.

Further to that, I have also read that installing proprietry Java 7 is pretty straight forward (have to download the tar.gz from Oracle and follow their instructions).

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