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First, thrilled to see version 12.0 come out of beta status. Well done. Especially impressed with the number of new appliances available. 


I notice that none of the OpenVZ appliance downloads are available yet. Is there an ETA? Thanks in advance for an update. 



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Turns out that pve server 2.1 has all of the new OpenVZ files listed in it's templates section. So, for me anyway, the "problem" is solved.


Again, thanks to everyone involved in the upgrades.



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But you are correct in as much as the direct download links seem to be broken... In the meantime, anyone not on PVE who wishes to download the OVZ templates can do so from the TKL SourceForge page here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/turnkeylinux/files/openvz/

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Thanks for the heads up that the OpenVZ download links were broken. Liraz just fixed that.

The official announcement of TKL 12.0 will be out momentarily, kuddos for noticing :)

[update]: official announcement published.

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