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Just thought I'd share this cool looking daemon I just found for cpulimit (available from both Debian and Ubuntu repos). As some of you may know cpulimit allows you to limit the CPU utilisation of particular processes. That's all well and good if you wish to limit individual (high CPU usage) processes, but in a server environment (especially when running as a VM on a desktop or other shared resource scenario) you may wish to limit the CPU usage for the whole server (ie all processes).

Enter cpulimit daemon. I haven't tested it at all yet, but I think it could be a winner and wanted to share!

If it is as useful as I think it'll be, perhaps it may be worth installing on all appliances!?

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Just had a read here and have wondered whether this would be enough to limit cpu consumption to avoid throttling on a Micro instance or not. I have read that it can, but I guess it depends on what you are running. If it is something fairly low load to start with, then it'd be fine, otherwise it may still leave the appliance consuming too many 'background' CPU cycles resulting in throttling anyway...

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