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Got to looking at Zurmo and I like what I see. However downloading the ISO file and installing it also includes demo data.

Given how Zurmo is set up, there is no way to delete users (Based on the Zurmo forums.) Is there a way to download/install Zurmo TKL without the demo data? (Or did I miss it during the install?)

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After a fair bit of searching on the Zurmo forums It seems that there is not way to delete data, although users can be disable (but not deleted). In the forums I came across many people who wanted to add the data without reinstall, but no one else that wanted to remove it.

From my reading probably your best bet is to just disable the demo user.

But if you are sure that's what you want to do it seems like the most reliable way to do it, with minimal risk of breaking things I suggest that you use the install feature of Zurmo to 'reinstall' it.

Apparently you just have to reset $installed=false in the perInstance.php file.

If that doesn't work then I suggest that you post on the Zurmo forums.

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