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How can I create a archive like http://archive.turnkeylinux.org, so I can maintain two releases of my own packages.

I used reprepro and it put all packages under pool/main, not like yours under pool/lucid/main. Any idea how I can do that, thanks.


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TBH I have no idea how to do that. I have never run my own repo. Assuming that you want to do that to supply packages for TKL v11.x (Ubuntu 10.04 based) & TKL v12.x (Debian 6 based) then you may not even need to!

Seeing as Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10.04 are so close (Ubuntu 10.04 was cloned from Debian 6 while it was still in testing) you may not need to maintain 2 repos. Using the one may work? Perhaps give it a shot and see...

FWIW I have used a number of PPAs intended for Lucid (10.04) in some custom TKL v12.0 (based on Debian 6) builds and have yet to encounter any issues. I do know that some of the packages are newer in Debian, but most are the same, or close enough that they should work fine. I'd just try installing your packages for Ubuntu in TKL v12 and see how it goes. You may not be as lucky going the other way though (because Debian does have a few newer packages which may cause dependancy issues). 

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