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The MovableType appliance (which I was pleased to see available in your listings) installed quickly and without any errors or warnings - and I'm presuming that like all your others, it is intended as a complete and self-contained system.

I can go into the admin pages (within cgi-bin) and everything works faultlessly - yet the public site itself is simply unavailable, giving just the following:


Not Found

The requested URL /[my-site-name]/ was not found on this server.

Apache/2.2.16 (Debian) Server at [] Port 443'



The System Information page does not suggest that anything is missing or broken. The site is entirely missing whether I connect to the expected URL; via links from within the admin system to individual entries; or links to 'View Site'.

If I make SSH connection and navigate to what is meant to be the root of the site, everything appears to be there; an index file, css, etc. I guess this can't be an apache problem, since in that case how would the admin pages show perfectly well?

So why can MT not find the site where it installed it, and in the location where it now expects to find it?? Ideas welcomed..... thank you!

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But some of the appliances require that you use a FQDN rather than an IP address. If you do not actually have the FQDN configured then something like what you are describing can happen. Only guessing though. I'd probably have to actually test it to see if I can replicate your experience, but sorry just no time right now...

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