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I had 2 small LAMP instances running on TKL.  I also have several websites on each.  Once day, one of my customers said they couldn't reach their website.  Lo and behold, one instance was listed as "Destroyed" on the Hub control panel!  I had termination protection on both instances and yet one just disappeared!

Is there any way to find out what the heck happened?  Luckily I was able to spin the instance back up from a backup, but I really want this to be resolved.  Was this an AWS problem?  Was this a Turnkey problem?  Is there any way to know?

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I recall some time ago AWS decommisioned some hardware and all instances using that hardwarre were destroyed (although there was prior notice via email). Perhaps that is what happened to you? I would recommend that you use the Hub feedback feature (blue button on the left hand side when logged in) to contact the devs directly and hopefully they can give you some enlightenment.

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Thanks, but this happened just a few days ago, and I was never informed of any changes by AWS.  I also DID try the Hub Feedback - crickets.

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