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I deployed the AWS Marketplace Gitlab AMI. I had to tweak the timeout settings but now it works.

I've created some project and started to migrate my old git repon to gitlab.


However everthyng is mapped to example.com and i can't find anywhere to change it. I've looked everywhere :|


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And other config from the WebUI.

So I'm guessing that didn't launch via the Hub? You may be able to run the init script ('turkey-init) but I'd makesure everything is backed up just in case it breaks stuff (and to reduce the risk of that happening perhaps just briefly launch another instance to test prior to running it on your main one).

Otherwise I'm not sure where the domain is stored. Perhaps have a look at the GitLab specific tkl init script if you want to change it manually. The script will be in /usr/lib/inithooks/bin and probably called something like gitlab.py or similar.....

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