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im using turnkey torrentserver as a torrentserver on an old machine

but i run into the problem that it isnt accesible after a day or two running, it answers pings but i dont get onto any web interface

is there a way to do a complete systemcheck or something to see why this porblem occurs?

thanks for the help


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Can you still connect via SSH/SFTP? If so you can have a look at the syslog, you should be able to check out the webserver logs. All the logs should be found in /var/log. I don't recall what web server the torrent server appliance uses but it should be either Apache or LigHTTPd and the log files should be named accordingly.

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well when i last tested ssh didnt work

and i dont find like an errorlog or something and the syslog is like long as hell

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Use tail to get the last lines of a log file. By default it will give you the last 10 lines but it can be used with the -n switch, which will give you the last 'n' lines of a file eg 'tail -15 /some/file' will give you the last 15 lines.

Otherwise if you are losing all connectivity that's not very good! Do you (or can you) have a monitor and keyboard connected to it? If so then you can actually try to see what is going on with it after it loses connectivity.

Being old hardware it is possible that it is actually locking up (hardware issues?)

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well monitor might get a little hard due to its position

i got this machine 2 hand and i dont actually know what happened to it

is tehre a way to run a hardware check or something where it does like memtest and stuff

it usually dies after about 1-3 days running so its hard to find out when

i looked at the logs of webmin and didnt get anything usable

i personnaly tipe on the hardware

is there a way to run the main system intirely from the ram?

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could it be because it is running of an external harddrive?

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But unless you do some diagnositics you will be only guessing...

In theory it shouldn't be an issue to run it from an external drive (I have had Linux running for extended periods from a USB stick fine), but perhaps if the connection is not 100% or the external drive powers down or something like that!?

Also in response to your previous question: You can run memtest from a liveCD/USB (many distros include it as a boot option when running live although I don't think TKL does) but really you'll need a monitor connected to it...

Even with it working, there may be some telltale signs of the problem in dmesg and /var/log/messages (as well as the syslog and other logs in /var/log).

[update] Googling I came across Inquisitor ( or - an interesting looking Linux distro designed for hardware testing. It still looks like you may need a screen but could be worth further investigation...

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